How do I play videos?

Click the video


Click the video again.


Is it legal to watch movies at movietubehere.net? Is there any risk?

It is 100% legal – there is NO risk whatsoever!

movietube is an online service provider as defined in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This site does not store any files on its server. All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties.



The video keeps loading/buffering. What can I do?

Here are a few ways to fix that issue:

1. Try another browser – Chrome works best, then firefox, then internet explorer, then safari.

2. Be patient and wait. If your internet connection or computer is slow it will take some time to buffer.

3. Refresh the page (f5) and try again.

4. Pause the video for a few minutes and try again.

5. Clear your cache.

6. Try again later.




How do I play the video in full screen?

Simply double click on the video!

Alternatively click the small “fullscreen” button in the lower right corner of the video player.

full screen

full screen


How do I turn on subtitles?

Click the small “CC” button in bottom of the video player.




How do I adjust the volume of the sound?

Click the small “volume” button in the bottom of the video player and adjust the slider.




How do I fast forward or go back to another part of the video?

Click the small slider next to the time icon and move it forward or back – or simply click on the desired time.

Fast forward

Fast forward


How do I change the video quality?

Click the HD button and select your desired quality. The higher pixels the better quality – the lower pixels the faster load time!



How do I switch servers in case one is slow?

Click the “OPTIONS” button and select a server. The default one is server 1 which usually performs the best, click server 2 or server 3 if you want to try a different one.